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At SEEMYAPPS and its Services (see Terms & Conditions of Use for more detail on Services), respecting the privacy and safeguarding the personal information of our users, clients (Organizations/Businesses) and employees is a commitment that is fundamental to our business. This privacy statement explains why SEEMYAPPS collects personal information from you and the steps we take to ensure your privacy when visiting and using SEEMYAPPS.COM and its Services.

SEEMYAPPS collects personal information from you only with your consent to help provide excellent service and to continuously improve your experience on SEEMYAPPS. The information we collect may include your name, email address, mailing or business address, landline/mobile numbers, preferred language and may include other information when needed to fulfill your Organization’s objectives.

We collect your personal information to allow you to securely gain access and run the Services offered by SEEMYAPPS that may be of interest to you and your Organization.

Security & Privacy
Your information is secure, private and it belongs 100% to you and/or your Organization. We do not sell lists nor do we share any type of information with any other party except for your own authorized party(ies).

Nobody has access to your data (personal and/or organizational) and we have a very strict policy in enforcing this standard throughout our organization. Your data is yours to use and operate with. We enforce the highest standards in maintaining and keeping it safe from unauthorized parties.

Your personal data is secure.
It will only be used or disclosed for the specific purposes for which it is collected by your Organization or as authorized by law. We may also use your personal information to send you information about SEEMYAPPS products or services or introduce you to our business partners that may be of interest to you.

Our framework has been developed in state-of-the-art encryption languages and policies to ensure your data is kept safe and sound.
Your assurance is of great importance to our organization as we completely understand that it is your primary concern. We have implemented vigorous standards to earn your trust and we will build our credibility with you for years to come.
All your information is reliable; the data is housed in a number of physical secure locations ensuring its availability and accessibility.

While we are committed to maintaining the security of your information, you play an important role in helping us meet this obligation. Never reveal your username, password, authentication question and or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to anyone.

We have a defense-in-depth approach to security, with layered firewalls, network-based intrusion detection, rigorous software quality assurance, and vulnerability assessment.

There is a security team monitoring all hosts and services for reliability 24-7. Scans, reviews and patches are a daily routine for our professionals.

How secure is my data on SEEMYAPPS servers?
The security of our site is managed on multiple levels including physical, network, host, software, and user account security. SEEMYAPPS maintains internal security policies and procedures in support of its ongoing operations. Access to resources is granted only to those who reasonably require access based on their responsibilities.

See detailed information below.

Physical Security
Physical access to our servers is limited to specialized individuals and is granted through multiple permissible levels, such as:
The servers hosting SEEMYAPPS’s services are located within secured facilities; access is limited strictly to authorized professionals through a number of different verification devices. SEEMYAPPS servers are confined and made safe from other parties. Our authorized professionals ensure server performance levels by routinely checking operational levels.

Network Security
Data access to SEEMYAPPS’s services is strictly though HTTP and HTTPS channels. SEEMYAPPS’s hosting environment is protected from the public through a number of firewalls and monitored through commercial security detection systems. All accounts, credit cards, member information and data is encrypted through secure socket layer connections over HTTPS. Users may validate the encrypted pages by checking for the HTTPS name through their web browser’s address bar.

Host Security
SEEMYAPPS surpasses the industry standards of securing all levels to ensure best practices throughout all systems. Our operating standards constantly enforce the disability of unused services and upgrades to the most current software. SEEMYAPPS ensures to keep itself up to date with industry security standards. If updates are required, SEEMYAPPS will test and ensure deployment in an effective and efficient manner. Servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure operability and protect systems from unwanted activity. Access to SEEMYAPPS is limited to authorized users through lengthy, established minimums and regular modification requirements to the creation and maintenance of passwords.

Software Security
All software developments are subject to high qualitative inspection to meet best practice and performance standards. Extensive tests are carried out to review business logic and operability. A team of highly qualified professionals certify SEEMYAPPS software objectives to ensure production levels. All production software is consistently monitored and scanned to ensure a secure and flawless experience.

User Account Security
Users have the right to set themselves as administrators of their SEEMYAPPS Organization(s). Administrators can create and appoint as many users as they wish for each Organization. Users’ profiles are encrypted and each user creates his/her own security levels within multiple validation points. The organizations’ set-up, operability and accessibility are completely controlled by the administrator of each organization.

The SEEMYAPPS website automatically collects additional information from you when you visit our site. This includes click through data, your Internet Protocol (IP) address and information collected through the use of cookies. SEEMYAPPS groups this information about your visits with that of others. You are not personally identified in any way.

The above-mentioned data includes general log information of the pages you accessed on SEEMYAPPS.COM. We also collect statistics such as page views, unique visitors and time spent on our website. This information helps us provide you with an enhanced online experience, including the ease and speed of navigation to help you find the products, services and information you need.

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address is the address used to connect your computer to access the Internet. This information may be used to investigate unauthorized efforts to access, modify or delete data, the spreading of viruses and other illegal invasions to our website.

While SEEMYAPPS takes measures to ensure that the links on our website are to trustworthy companies, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those companies. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of those companies before you volunteer any information.

At any time you can have your name removed from our mail, email or SMS marketing lists. You may opt out by editing your online profile or by contacting our Customer Support team at:

Should you have any additional questions or concerns related to the SEEMYAPPS Online Privacy Statement or our privacy practices, please write to or the SEEMYAPPS Privacy Office, 4372 Highway 440 West, Laval, Quebec, Canada H7T 2P7.

File a complaint.
You have the right to file a complaint with the applicable Privacy Commissioner about our collection and processing of your personal information.

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You can contact the SEEMYAPPS Data Protection Officer here.
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