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Choose the only loyalty-marketing platform that grows your store sales.

SEEMYAPPS automatically engages each one of your customers to:

- Block your competition

- Increase visit frequency

- Increase customer wallet spending

- Build your relationship

- Excite your best customers


SEEMYAPPS (SEE MY APPLICATIONS) permits organizations to set up their own infrastructure and connect their resources to different customer centric engines focused on enhancing customer experience and expectations by fully integrating marketing, management and sales tools within a single platform in order to further the Organization’s business.

Discover why many retailers

SEEMYAPPS helps retail businesses like yours to grow their sales and get customers to come back again and again

90% want to receive communications from
loyalty programs.
Source: Economist
87% of consumers want a loyalty program
Source: Talech Report

So how, exactly, does SEEMYAPPS help your business?

We provide the most effective and efficient method to bring your best customers back to your business.

SEEMYAPP's loyalty marketing platform is built around the foundation of exceeding your customer’s expectations every step of the way. Our communication is uniquely targeted to reach every one of your customers independently. SEEMYAPPS source of data is driven through customer profiles and shopping behaviours.

Loyal customers want messages that are tailored to them as valuable customers. The ability to personalize your communications gives you a platform to grab your customers’ attention. SEEMYAPPS fosters a successful and powerful engine, focused on monitoring your customers’ behaviours to auto-communicate and spark their interests to spend more.

The results are staggering; far better than any traditional newspaper and/or postal distribution. It’s a formula to keep your customers coming back.

Over 90% of consumers would be likely to sign up if their favorite fast food or fine dining restaurant started a loyalty program.
Source: Technomic Inc.
"We are in the throes of a transition where every publication has to think of their digital strategy."
Bill Gates

Until now, only big companies had access to this type of technology with the necessary backing to plan, develop, implement, and maintain such solutions.

SEEMYAPPS helps your business propel and outsmart the big companies by simply providing a methodology that works. It’s simple, quick, adaptable, modular, flexible, affordable and best of all tangible.

"Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future."
Walt Disney

SEEMYAPPS is available for a few dollars a day

Whether you’re a quick service restaurant, convenience or department store and/or e-commerce website; SEEMYAPPS will adapt to your requirements to build a program for your needs without breaking the bank. With over 10 modular applications; we adhere to your needs and package a solution suitable for your business.

Secured Intranet
E-Pass (Coupons)
Gift $
Email Marketing
Agenda Reservations
Customer Service

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney

With SEEMYAPPS you can know exactly who your customers are and how much they spent.

Your company can use this data to its advantage and run sophisticated marketing campaigns that can help grow same store sales.

Your business can be powered just like the major companies.

As a wise entrepreneur, we ask you:

Are your customers worth listening and understanding their needs?

At a low cost, great value can be gained with SEEMYAPPS; customer centric program that will bring you results.

For every customer experience failure, brands lose an average of 65% of the revenue they would have earned from the affected customer during the following year
Source: SDL

SEEMYAPPS gives you everything you need to grow your revenue and create word of mouth.

Launch a more profitable marketing program & create loyal customers.

When you sign up, we create your access and a SEEMYAPPS representative consults you to build a solution that requires no software developers.

If you already have a loyalty program then let SEEMYAPPS bring it to the next level to help increase your customers’ spending, frequency and gratification.

"Im convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance."
Steve Jobs

Engage & Entertain customers in seconds

Swipe a card or enter a mobile number. Both options are available. That’s all it takes to enroll your customers.

Embrace our marketing platform and automatically send your customers thoughtful, entertaining and relevant offers by text or email after every transaction.

"70% of members agree that they would modify when and where they make purchases in order to maximize the benefits received"
Source: Bond
Collect as much data as possible from your POS

SEEMYAPPS could get your business up and running in seconds anywhere around the world through our online secured Virtual POS solution; permitting any authorized user to process transactions.

You can run the transactions through your credit and debit payment terminals; we are certified with the Desjardins, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments and a number of other parties to accommodate your business. SEEMYAPPS integrates with any Bank terminal.

Perhaps you prefer integrating us within your POS system. Which can allow you to keep track of what your customers bought. We compile all of your customers’ data to help you run automated campaigns that will leave your competition in the dust. SEEMYAPPS integrates with any POS system.

Compel your customers through personalized text and email messages.

Once your program has been set and your front line is promoting and engaging customers; our system will provide your brand with the necessary tools to keep you customers engaged.

Want to make them feel special on their birthdays? Invite them to bring family and friends for special events? Increase traffic during off-peak times? Our engine can do the work and let you focus on your business.

Go Cardless & Engage

your customers

Don’t want to issue plastic cards?

Want to offer both? Going digital provides your customers with an online presence by web or smart phones. Allow them to view their profiles, accounts, rewards, offers and much more through their mobile phones.

Our digital space will engage and entertain your customers with ongoing unique promotions catered to each customer.

Mobile users spend a third of daily media time on smartphones.

Track your performance

On a daily basis review your performance ratio. Compare your past and current weeks performance to better gauge your daily front line’s performance.

Know who and how many customers have been engaged. Gauge your top performing employees. See transaction details. Understand your liability and breakage factors. Keep yourself informed if there is any abnormal activity.

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."
Bill Gates

Whether you have a marketing team or not, SEEMYAPPS provides you easy-to-use business tools that will bring your company’s marketing to the next level.

Block the competition and excite your customers for just a few dollars a day.

Don’t hesitate or procrastinate because every minute that passes by, you allow your competition to build momentum to get ahead. Block them today, tomorrow is too late.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
Warren Buffet
"In 1981 American Airlines introduced the first Frequent Flyer Plan (FFP). A few days later, United Airlines introduced its FFP. Delta and Trans World Airlines launched their respective FFPs. In 2006 – The total number of worldwide FFP members reached 180 million… Every year, 54 million people do something for United Airlines they wouldn’t do for country, or love: they spend their money and time, risking health and relationship in pursuit of miles, a flimsy plastic card, and some status."
Game-Based Marketing – Gabe Zichermann + Joselin Linder - 2010

Worried you don’t know how?

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