SEEMYAPPS (SEE MY APPLICATIONS)  is the simplest way to get your customer program up and running with the following services: Gift cards - Reward programs - Membership Enrolment – Refer-A-Friend – Communications - Surveys - Mobile APP - Ecommerce.  Every day, we have thousands of users nationwide using our platform.  Founded in 2011, our team is based in Canada and is open to working with partners around the globe.

SeeMyApps - See My Applications


Our mission is to enable businesses with the tools they need to engage customers to return. We want to help our clients to create and achieve their customer centric endeavors: allowing employees to come together and make great things happen.


Who we are

Our growing team is based out of Laval QC Canada.  We are a creative-minded company with roots in digital design, marketing, media and technology with the drive to exceed each and every one of our client’s expectations. We love undertaking new mandates and challenges to deliver them to best suit client's needs.

A unique approach

The SEEMYAPPS User Interface is built around business requirements to effectively and efficiently run their long term marketing and operational plans. Our tools empower your employees to manage significant and attractive programs to engage and entertain your customers. SEEMYAPPS gives you everything you need to grow your revenue and create word of mouth. Launch a more profitable marketing program & create loyal customers.


Potential Clients

Our services are for those who want to get ahead of competition.  With SEEMYAPPS you can start small with the premise to extend and enhance the functionality of your program(s). If your existing program limits your capacity to grow and you want more: contact us to migrate and bring your business to the next level. 


We all have days when our ideas won’t quite spark.  On SEEMYAPPS PRESS we tell stories about creative minds from around the world. These include projects published by us or others that demonstrate the importance of customers and how businesses need to embrace and evolve with new technology in order to maintain and grow market share.